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Independent artist, extensive knowledge in materials and transformation techniques, photographer, jewelry designer, ceramist, sculptor.

Other Side of Image is the sum of all this knowledge adding Texnology as one more tool to build real or fictional scenarios, near and far worlds where only the imagination of an artist is capable of reaching. When words are not enough to describe that world, the artist's hands become the way to reach them.

My job is to bring to reality what sometimes we can only see in dreams and not just a digital representation, it is to give it material and to be able to explore, tell stories, stage moments and be able to see these from all possible angles.

All this is achieved with the knowledge and ability to recycle materials that our society discards or does not know what to do with them. As is the case with polyurethane and plastics in general.

Every day is a New World, I invite you to know yours.

At your service.


Tel: +972 522 333 413


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